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Alex Witt

Alex Witt is a US Navy Veteran, who served in Iraq, a husband, a father of two, the founder of 104010 Fitness, and CEO of both Battle Bars and SteadyMD. As a man with many titles, he is currently trying to use his platform to do his part to help his community…

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Cornelia Mihai

For the past 17 years, Cornelia Mihai has found her life’s passion, pursuing many different disciplines of skydiving. She stumbled upon skydiving in high school and never thought it would bring her the joy, empowerment, and insight that it has today. Currently, she is a full-time skydiver at Skydive Dubai, a coach, and a Pro Canopy Pilot and competitor…

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Jonathan Faye

From the get-go, Jonathan Faye has been practicing tricks and flips on trampolines, skiing at age 3, riding roller coasters at age 7, hitting jumps and rails while freestyle skiing at age 12, and the list goes on. Eventually, this childhood curiosity turned into a life full of cliff jumping, paragliding, sky diving, and other extreme sports. Jonathan doesn’t let the boundaries of “normal life” or fear define his decisions…