For 72 million children living in poverty in developing countries around the world, education is inaccessible. This fuels a cycle of illiteracy that limits children’s opportunities to break free from poverty in the future.

Sub-Saharan Africa, Central and Eastern Asia and the Pacific are the most affected areas with over 59 million uneducated children. The lack of schooling or poor education for these children leave them without the basics, which affects the social and economic development of these countries. 

All children deserve a right to education, which is why Carvemark has partnered with buildOn, an organization with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education. buildOn was founded after President and CEO Jim Ziolkowski’s travels in Nepal, where he witnessed suffering caused by extreme poverty for months be visiting a village celebrating the opening of a school. buildOn was inspired by the hope and courage revolving around education within the community.

In 1992 Jim traveled to Misomali, Malawi , to build the organization’s first school in Africa. This school provided access to education for 150 students, and 20 years later, Jim returned in 2012 to see the changes that the village has made since in constructing four more schools used to educate over 1,000 children. 

Today, buildOn continues to work towards accessible education for all and provide opportunities for children to obtain a higher quality education. They have built 1,576 schools in developing countries with 212,668 children and adults attending these schools each day.


Schools built in developing countries


Children and adults attending buildOn schools daily


Volunteer hours building schools

Carvemark is hoping to aid buildOn in their mission to provide education across the globe by donating a percentage of their proceeds towards building more schools in communities that need them. By supporting this blog, podcast, and Carvemark you are also supporting charities that carving definitive marks in society.

If you are interested in donating to buildOn’s cause, click here.