Our hopes are that Carvemark can be an inspiration to people from many different backgrounds, especially during this time that we are all fighting for equality, questioning the many different inequitable societal and social structures, raising the bar and our expectations of social responsibility, and continuing in the unrelenting battle for humans rights. We hope to show that any person that they can make a true and genuine impact on the people and the world around them. We hope to ignite the adventure, thrill, excitement, passion, kindness, and gratitude that everyone is capable of experiencing. We hope to empower people and to give them the resources they need to carve out their own positive and lasting marks in the world. 

How is a new company with such big dreams already following through with their mission?

By sharing the stories that inspire everyone, by partnering with charities who share our values and interest in creating a better world, and by pushing our readers to put themselves and those around them in better situations and mindsets every day.

Each of the charities we partner with is setting an example for the future and we want to be involved in their journey every step of the way. We are working with Neverthirst who provides clean water and builds wells for lesser developed communities. We are working with Protect Our Winters, who is protecting the places and lifestyles we love. We are working with Build On who is building schools and expanding education in lesser developed countries. We are working with the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund who is a nonprofit legal organization fighting for racial equality and justice in America. There are links on each charity page that will take you directly to that organization’s donation page. Feel free to donate as little or as much as you can, everything helps! We are excited to support and be more involved with these organizations as we aim to bring more awareness to the organizations and their missions.

In addition to partnering with charities, we want to share impacts made every day by awesome people. You’ll be able to take a look at these stories on our blog, and we hope these stories will empower you to take action! Anyone is capable of achieving new heights and making a difference if they set their mind to it. We hope that you see this as a theme across all of our pages. It is our mission to inspire people from many different backgrounds and demographics to make the changes that they want to see in their lives and their communities. We believe that every story has an impact on others and we want to hear yours today!  If you would like to share your story with us, get in touch on our contact page!

In the future, our goal is to be known as the most trusted community of individuals for creating a better world through adventure, self-improvement, community involvement, environmental impact, social justice, sustainable and ethical actions, and positive change. It’s time to carve some marks!